Herbal remedies have been in use since 2700 BC…fast forward to 2005…

My name is Sally Huey, CFNP MS. I am the founder of Farm Dog Herbs. My story begins in a New York emergency room, where I see first-hand common problems treated with non-natural solutions, often with unwanted side effects including slow healing and allergic reactions.

Farm Dog Herbs grew out of a move from the suburbs to the country. Cherry Ridge Farm is the home of Farm Dog Herbs, and is situated in the Warwick Valley, on a beautiful southwest-facing hilltop, surrounded by pasture, with a line of old cherry trees across the ridge.

Our goal has been to re-diversify the land on the farm, through organic gardening as well as liberal native tree and wildflower planting.

I did not grow up as a farmer (my husband did!), but I soon discovered that our large organic garden and surrounding fields provided wild plants and herbs that were the solution to my dissatisfaction with conventional treatments.

Natural products support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Farm Dog Herbs are all natural, safe, and efficacious, without unwanted side effects. Each bottle is made by hand with attention to detail and purity.

Farm Dog Herb products do not contain synthetic fragrance or petroleum oils.

The name “Farm Dog Herbs” comes from Spotty, our farm dog, who loves it here as much as we do and who is always around during the harvesting of our ingredients and development of our products.

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