Farm Dog Products:
Herbal First Aid Spray


Developed for use as a healing agent for sutures and minor wounds. I left a bottle out on our kitchen counter, and our kids (and my accident prone husband) used it throughout the summer on their cuts, scrapes, insect bites, poison ivy, and sunburn.

We even used it on our chickens and Spotty (the farm dog).

My Herbal First Aid Spray promotes healing through a combination of natural healing agents, antibacterials, and analgesics (pain relievers), as well as allowing oxygen to contact the wound (unlike messy petroleum based products, which smother the wound and prevent infection but do not promote healing).

The result is that minor wounds heal faster with my Herbal First Aid Spray.

My Herbal First Aid Spray does not contain synthetic ingredients, or artificial fragrances. The herbs used in this product have a long history of use in natural wound care.

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